Join the Ultimate Trail, the extreme wilderness race!


Genre: running game
Support: mobile devices (iOS, Android)
Player(s): 1
Client: Adobe


Ultimate Trail is a technical demo and a running game where the player has to think and act quickly to chose the best path through the mountains, and pick up the energy bottles that will allow him to go as far as possible.

The demo uses simple, easy to learn touch controls and features high-definition graphics on iOS Retina Display devices and HD Android devices.


Since its creation, Yamago has become a reference in Flash game design, owing to years of experience and a wide diversity of productions.

Yamago has been an Adobe Agency Partner ever since the program began (only 51 Agency Partners worldwide). Adobe chose Yamago for its expertise in Flash technologies, involving the studio in the beta testing of its software and making it an integral part of its new product features.

Yamago created Ultimate Trail to present the possibilities of Adobe’s latest Flash installment: Flash Professional CC.

Ultimate Trail also promotes AIR and the Starling framework on smartphones and tablets.

You can find several articles featuring Ultimate Trail on Adobe’s official website, on the company’s twitter timeline, and the game is feature in Adobe Flash Professional CC’s installation wizard.

Ultimate Trail featured in Adobe Flash Professional CC’s overview:

Ultimate Trail is currently available on Google Play.