Who wants to make video games?!

After Ben 10, Batman and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, fans of Adventure Time can now create their own web-based video game using elements from the show with the Adventure Time Game Creator!

Players can build their own games in the browser-based Game Creator, creating and assigning special powers to Finn and Jake and setting them on their own tailor-made perilous quests. The Game Creator allows users to place a number of different obstacles and enemies in the heroes’ way, tweak the environment and choose which and where power-ups are available. Players can then share their game in the website’s online gallery and play games built by other players.

Adventure Time Game Creator launched with Finn and Jake as playable heroes, and many new characters from the show have be added since then, each with their own special powers!! Play as Ice King, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and more!


Genre: platform game based on user-generated content
Support: web (Flash)
Player(s): 1
Client: Cartoon Network


“Create your own browser-based Adventure Time game” via Polygon:

Fans of Adventure Time can now create their own web-based video game using elements from the cartoon with the Adventure Time Game Creator, developed by mobile and social studio Yamago and posted to Cartoon Network’s official website.

“Cartoon Network launches Adventure Time Game Creator” via Gamezebo:

This is a game for all sorts of gamers, both young and old, and stands as a really great introduction to the fundamentals of video game design.

“Create Your Own Adventures in New Adventure Time Browser Game” via Geekosystem:

After playing around with the game “for research,” I have to say that developer Yamago did a very nice job putting it together.

“Make your own Adventure Time game” via The Gamers’ Temple:

The Adventure Time Game Creator allows for an entirely new experience every time gamers come to build and play.